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The Problem

Institutions collect valuable feedback from students but struggle to provide context beyond the surface, and oftentimes this feedback is not measured over time.

Our Solution

By applying AI, ISMU uncovers important information for your institution while minimizing the manual process.

Our Vision

To help institutions gain better insights from students and identify ways to improve the overall student experience, leading to increased program exposure, improved reputation, and greater enrollment.

Benefits for Institutions

Increase Retention Rate

Increase Retention

Keep a pulse on what drives student engagement. Higher student satisfaction means better retention.

Promote Research

Promote Research

Enable students to opt-in for research that will benefit future students and their university experiences.

Improve Reporting

Improve Reporting

Track instructor performance and receive feedback to better understand the needs and preferences of your students.

Save Costs

Save Costs

Discover opportunities that can improve operational efficiencies and spending for your institution.

Increase Fundraising

Increase Fundraising

Discover successful avenues for fundraising by developing profiles to identify prospective alumni donors.

Brand Image

Brand Image

Improve your brand and reputation by increasing overall student satisfaction, retention, and funding.

Benefits for Students

Career Readiness

Career Readiness

Gain more insight to improve your postgraduate career placement and opportunities.

Influential Voice

Positive Influence

Provide a direct channel of communication to institution decision makers.



Open the door to new opportunities for alternative financial assistance.

Greater Satisfaction

Higher Satisfaction

Enable institutions to better accommodate the needs and growth of students.

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Work with our implementation team to integrate our software with your institution

Step 3:

Results & Feedback

Start gaining better insights and automate reports. Provide feedback and suggestions for our software that benefit your institution.

About Us

We founded ISMU in 2019 with the intent of helping universities better understand the behavior of students through the use of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to empower schools with the tools they need to provide a more personalized education experience.

Our solution provides insights that allow universities to address student concerns through meaningful AI-assisted reports. With this approach, it will be possible for the administration and professors to better understand students’ lives and future aspirations by analyzing multiple factors.

We strive to make students, professors, and universities happier through effective, result-driven feedback, and we’re proud of it.